Hello! Let me introduce myself again. My name is Erika.

For a couple of years I have been making beauty, lifestyle, occasionally fashion and DIY videos on my YouTube channel. I wanted to try myself on a different platform. That is why since 2017 my blog came to life!

The purpose of this blog is to provide honest reviews about new products, share delicious recipes, maybe occasionally present OOTD ideas and much more!

“But Erika, you are already doing the same things on your youtube channel, why do you need to start a blog?” – you may ask.

Well, my friends, let’s admit it. Filming and editing takes a long time and it makes it more challenging to present up-to-date information about new products. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE doing youtube videos, but I wanted to have a small space, which allows me to share specific product reviews, events, and other aspects of my life more efficiently.

Those, who have been following me on YouTube for some time know that I truly value when my subscribers trust in my opinion and recommendations. This blog will be no exception. My reviews are going to be honest and sincere.

Well then… Welcome to “Erika Bay” blog and hope you will stay here for the ride!